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Diversity, equity, and inclusion are crucial values that strengthen an organization and society and build culture. A diverse workforce made up of people from different backgrounds and experiences leads to more innovation, better decision making, and promotes equity and fairness.

Workforce Culture.
Equity. Inclusion.

What is DEI+

DEI is a framework that facilitates organizational cultural

growth while empowering you and your team.  DEI programming

is focused on company driven culture, meeting the needs

of today’s employees, where they are; ensuring the right

person, with the right skills, is in the right role.

We can help you embed diversity, equity, and inclusion into every

aspect of your organization .  Our comprehensive suite of consulting

services, interactive workshops, and training services are designed

to drive systemic and individual level change.

Our Services

Our consulting, workshops, and training programs can be customized to meet your organizations needs. Programming has been designed for business, agencies and you.  



Which DEI initiatives will work best for you and your business? What should you prioritize first, and how will you know if it’s working? Our experts help you assess and benchmark your current efforts, develop effective strategies, implement DEI initiatives, and measure your progress.



Select from a wide range of workshops from foundational to functional including leadership training,  unconscious bias, and  developing communication plans that are representative of your mission, vision and values.

Our 1, 2 or 5 day workshops are crafted to meet your needs.



Select from courses that focus specifically on the needs of your organization. 

Want to learn about psychological safety?  Dealing with microaggressions?   Intentional workforce courses that build on your current DEI strategy to grow your talent pipeline.

Client Highlight

I am not sure about other organizations and how authentic the D&I is, but having had Sonata in for a 5 day workshop was powerful. The meetings were inclusive of every level on our team. Our senior level leaders were completely engaged and genuinely interacting. That is powerful and shows a commitment to change versus a check box of attendance. Over time, in my opinion, this will drive trust across the organization. These sessions were powerful enough to stay with me every day and foster change and empathy. I know it has really helped me to better understand what many people carry around with them each day, and yet still produce at an amazingly high level. I am thrilled to participate in my company's DEI meetings and look forward to our quarterly check in's with Sonata. I truly believe this has, and will continue to, allow more people to take at least some of the weight off of their shoulders and give them more energy as people and employees. Thank you Sonata for providing the platform and helping broaden our understanding. D. Landers, Sr. Sales Executive

DEI Infographic - Sonata.png

Why is DEI Important?

Having diverse perspectives from teammates who come from different backgrounds ensures that your team approaches a problem from multiple angles and this can lead to faster resolutions and greater innovation. 


As well it expands your hiring, recruiting and onboarding talent, succession planning, profitability, advancing innovation and workforce retention.

Studies show DEI has the potential to increase sales revenue, increase customer base and ultimately increase profits. DEI is not only the right thing to do, it also makes good business sense. backgrounds, identities and experiences collectively and as individuals.

Do you have a plan and a strategy to build on DEI?

If you don't have a roadmap or a plan for your DEI strategy, and you don't have a way to measure your growth, how do you know if you're meeting the needs of your employees, customers and partners?

Let us help you discover a more profitable, engaged and retained workforce.

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