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Team Building / Leadership Coaching
Team Building / Leadership Coaching
Team Building / Leadership Coaching

Professional Series

Knowledge and education are necessary to build and grow business and our team takes it seriously. We want our clients to become subject matter experts who interpret and apply their own data within the context of their organizations. We also strive to make these learning experiences fun. (And we consistently hear that this is the case.)

Sonata Venture provides the following Workshops for Growing Businesses...

Leadership & Human Capital Management

Marketing / Branding & Public Relations

  • The Launchbox

How do you know when it's time to consider workshops / training for your business? 


If you're on here, you are probably ready to open your team and leaders up to training and workshops.  With schedules that meet your business needs (custom or open), they are an ideal way to  get everyone focused on leading the business. 


What you get by attending a Professional workshop:

  • Learn the basic principles of incorporating assessments into your company's culture.  Building out Job Profiles  and Descriptions that enable you to truly put the right person in the right role.

  • Validation of the job description through a DEI lens.

  • Understand how your leadership team manages Communication, Risk and Decision-Making.

  • Enhance management skills and team performance by increasing knowledge and skills that govern behavior dynamics.

Fill out the following form and one of our associates will contact you shortly to set up a time to understand your needs

Every Sonata training / workshop:


  • Is facilitated by a Subject Matter Expert who specializes in the content being presented

  • Features hands-on learning, one-on-one, and group activities

  • Includes an in-depth workbooks and other critical materials

  • Guides attendees in creating a plan to live out what they learn

  • Is relevant to every level of your workforce talent

"Employees are not told what to do anymore. Now, you need to engage your team and assist them in reaching their goals. You do not direct; you win the team over to your point of view. You do not dictate; you inspire and empower!"   Dale Carnegie

Attractig Top Performers
What drives people
Managing People to Perform
Customer Focused Selling
The Predictive Index Tools

Harness the power of our experience and tools to grow your business

Managers of the past often mandated change, but did not follow it themselves. Today's leaders must be willing to adapt and improve their team performance by sharpening their own leadership and development skills.  Our workshops and training programs empower you to practice the skills you need to be successful.  

“If you can’t look after your customers, it’s certain that your competitors will”

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