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“We the People… “ Today, Tomorrow & Beyond

I rarely post anything political in part because politics always eliminates someone’s voice and we’re typically forced to choose sides. At the end of the day, I believe, we all have beliefs that cross-party lines, and because my political personal views are just that – personal and not for public consumption. All that being said, the majority of voters drove a decision on who will lead us into the next four years. We don’t have to agree or disagree with the vote – what we have to do is remember that he is one person.

“We the people” must start coming together, cross not only party, but gender, and race lines – we must be a stronger nation together not divided. If we sit and dwell on what one person may or may not do we will continue the divide.

Take a moment today and ask yourself…. What kind of world do I want to live in, raise my children in? If in that visualization you see a UNITED country – ask yourself the next question – HOW do I make a difference? Voting is only one way people make a difference. Are you living the example of what world you want to live in and be part of? Are YOU kind to others, help your neighbors in need, do things without expecting something in return? Do you teach your kids good manners, how to be team players and how to be inclusive and that sometimes they might lose – and if/when they do how to accept defeat with grace? Then pause for a moment – in this soul searching…. What did you come up with? If you, yourself are not living the world you want – how can you impact any change?

Every single one of us, regardless of WHO is president has the power to make a difference. Will you UNITE your co-workers, family, friends, neighbors and complete strangers today, or will you spend the day cursing, stomping your feet and blaming others? Real and lasting change begins one person at a time – are you willing to be a change agent? Let’s come together…. for the good of our country, share our different views and work as a cohesive United States. It really is okay for us to each have our differences and opinions…. Isn’t that why our ancestors came to America in the first place?

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