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Indecision... is a decision

Have you ever worked with someone who just cannot make a decision? They can’t decide what’s for lunch, or in which direction to take the company's products or worse yet what to do with that employee who isn’t pulling their weight? Everyone and everything gets a “second, third or forth look.” No matter what the situation is, this personality “type” just cannot determine which choice to make.

We probably all have at one time or another in our jobs, careers or just in life, dealt with that “indecision maker”… What I find most frustrating is when big decisions need to be made and everyone else is on board, yet the key person can’t commit, one way or another. What I’ve witnessed is this type of person schedules yet another meeting to kick the can… problem is that the can neither moves down the street or up the street, it just spins in a circle – going nowhere until one day all of the customers are gone, the loyal, hardworking team they had in place has found a more productive place to work and they are left sitting at their desk all alone, still unsure as to why no one is there.

Being in business or owning a business, the same consequences apply. If you are not making decisions to grow your business, it will stagnate, and it will fail. It may take a while, but failure is most certainly guaranteed. You can only trade in on your “good looks and charm” for so long. By not making decisions you really are “deciding” to be inactive – indecision IS A DECISION. It means you’ve collectively weighed all the facts, heard all the arguments and still do not feel that you are in a position to act on one path or another – indecision keeps you standing still.

Do you realize, if this is your personality type, that you should not be in charge? Instead, to see your company grow perhaps you take a different role, or assign yourself a different position in the organization. If your overall goal is to grow your business, indecisiveness will not take you there.

Not sure if this is “you” or not… let’s play a little game. Here is a scenario, and since it’s just you sitting there at your desk you can answer honestly:

1. You are the CEO / Founder of a business and you have to make a decision about your overall business direction, as your competition has caught up to your lead, you: (circle one)

a. Call a meeting and include your operations team, sales team, product team and other people you consider essential to weighing in on the facts and that can fill in the details; you listen and then make a decision on direction and implement it.

- OR -

b. You ask for input via email so you can review everything comprehensively, and then call a meeting to discuss all of the input you received. You value everyone’s opinion, so you continue meeting weekly gaining additional insight and input; months pass and you find yourself still discussing this.

So, did you select “a” or “b”? If you selected “a” then you’re likely in the right role within your organization. You seek input from others but at the end of the day you have the ability to determine what to do and you’re not afraid to make a decision that meets your company goals, fits your culture, and takes your business to the next level.

If you selected “b” you’re more likely to have a business that reaches a plateau quickly, stagnates and loses momentum, unless you are willing to make some changes. Some changes may force you to give up some power and allow specific types of decisions to be made by others. Some changes may suggest that you are not the person to be in the decision making seat, yet as the founder you have a difficult time giving up the “power”. What you need to realize is that it takes a “big” person to actually recognize this and put someone else in charge of the day to day details. You need to focus on your strengths, perhaps you keep the CEO role and lead the company with respect to vision / culture, but name a President who will handle the day to day details and decisions that allows the company to grow.

We have a few ways that we can help you determine the type of leader you are. You can learn a lot about yourself by taking our PI Behavioral Assessment. This tool allows you to SCIENTIFICALLY see how you handle / manage your need / desire for influence and whether you are more likely to give up to someone else certain things or not. Become self-aware, stop indecision, and get your company headed in the right direction for 2017! Take your PI Assessment today! Self-awareness is a POWERFUL attribute for a leader…. Don’t you want that?

Take your PI Assessment by clicking this link today:

One of our consultants will share your results with you, confidentially, and provide you with some powerful tools you can use today!

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